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Kristine Anderson Trustey Wellness Program

The Saint Mary's College Wellness Program is designed for the student body and will help our students develop a lifelong appreciation of one's mind, body, and spiritual, emotional, and financial well-being through fitness offerings and developing healthy habits.

The goals of this program are:

  • Create a better understanding of health and wellness on campus
  • Increase the capacity for students to devleop lifelong wellness
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices more appealing and socially accepted
  • Provide activities and programs that foster healthy lifestyle and introduce students to existing campus resources
  • Educate our students on health and wellness through collaborative programming with other departments and organizations


Summer 2019 Wellness Information

Click here to check out a brochure about our Wellness Program!



The Kristine Anderson Trustey Wellness Program was made possibly by Kristine Anderson Trustey, a 1986 alumna of Saint Mary's who has a passion for wellness. She has made it a goal that the students of Saint Mary's College have access to wellness programming related to managing stress, anxiety, depression, and fostering a healthy lifestyle.