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Question & Answer With Coach Makielski

Coach Melissa Makielski (on left) celebrates a play with the basketball team.

Throughout the Spring/Summer 2020 season, we will be sharing some question and answer sessions with our Athletic Department staff. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about us as we work to stay together from far apart.

Our latest installment features head basketball coach Melissa Makielski.


1. What is your go-to coffee order?

Dark roast coffee with a little cream and sugar - favorite place to get it is wherever is closest.
2. What hobbies do you enjoy outside of coaching?
I have always enjoyed reading but most recently my time outside of coaching consists of chasing after an active toddler.
3. What are the best experiences you've had professionally so far?
Going on the road at Albion last year in the conference tournament and coming home with a win. Knowing what my players had been through and how hard they worked for that made it a really special victory. Seeing the reaction from my seniors who suffered through some painful years was beyond meaningful because I knew how much work they put into it.

4. Who is someone you find inspirational?
There are many people I find inspiring, especially people in my family that I have watched work hard every single day to earn what they get. Last spring I attended the NCAA Leadership Leadership Forum and had the privilege to hear Chris Norton speak and he became an inspiration to me. He was a DIII football player who became paralyzed during a game. The way he now leads his life and the attitude he embarks every day with is inspiring and helps keep my life in perspective.

5. Why Saint Mary's?
It is very rewarding to help foster the relationship these women will have for the rest of their lives. It is unbelievable to be in a place where everyone is willing to work together and do the right thing. The values that a Saint Mary's woman possess is inspiring to me and makes me want to do better and be better.

6. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Please explain your answer.
If you are eating it on a bun it is a sandwich. A sandwich has a piece of meat between two parts of bread.

7. What is your hype song?
Thunderstruck by AC/DC

8. What are your favorite sports moments - either as a spectator or an athlete?
Watching with my dad as Keith Smart hit the game winning shot against Syracuse as IU won the national title in 1987. As a youngster who had shown an interest in basketball, this moment helped solidify my love for the game.